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I am sreenu Having 4+years of Experience in Web, Working in Ciel creatives Pvt. Ltd. as a Visualiser & UI Developer, My skills are Primarily in BFA, Specialized in Applied Arts & Visual Communications.

VISUALIZER / UX / UI Designer & Developer  from India, with a Zeal to make Impossible as Possible. I like to create innovative things in every part of my work which makes the design edge of art.

Mission :

When I came to know that I am interested in creating things, I thought it was the piece of cake that has to be graped. But I wanted to be recognized as one of the fine art. Today I don't give a hoot in hell about that. The mission of my art is to explain and take the communication in the visualized process to the people.

Interests :

Acquiring Nature: Likes to Visit Villages and have a heart touch feel of the naturality.
Painting:  Would like to create wonders in paintings.
New Media:  Researching and exploring on the Internet.
Object-oriented programming: Acquiring new ideas and creative thoughts in Development of Market research and A to Z Business Solutions.

Spoken Languages :

Telugu – mother tongue
English - medium
Hindi- average
Learning new internet skills, Painting, Browsing new technologies around the world, Like to go out on a long drive on a light drizzling day, likes to discover new things on a pleasant sea shore and the most interesting thing last but not least having ice cream on a rainy day.

Favorite colors - VIBGYOR (rainbow colors)

Profile Website :  www.in-finearts.com
My Business Websites :
My Corporate IT Business Website: www.prowessmart.com

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